Why 108?


108 AGENCY is a real-estate consulting agency which has been exclusively focused on commercial properties since 2009. Over the years, its more than forty-member team has earned the trust of both domestic and foreign clients.

108 AGENCY is the only commercial real-estate company on the market which is one-hundred-percent Czech owned and run. Thanks to the absence of a multinational headquarters, the agency is able to fully devote itself to fulfilling its distinctive approach to clients, which combines experience and expertise with a fair and personal touch.

Since its founding, it has sold and rented more than 8,4 million square meters, and established a strong position on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets. Clients turn to 108 AGENCY for leasing and sales brokerage, investment and marketing advice, and property management. Among the clients they most frequently advise are logistical, wholesale, and manufacturing companies, as well as e-commerce firms.

At the end of 2021, 108 AGENCY became the exclusive alliance partner of BNP Paribas Real Estate for the Czech Republic. Thanks to this strategic acquisition, 108 AGENCY significantly strengthened the team of consultants and the range of services.

We are members of associations across several continents.

  • SKLAD.cz - Spolek Kompetentních Logistiků a Dodavatelů
  • AFI
  • SIOR
  • Am Cham
  • ABSL
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