Millions of square meters of space sold and leased, hundreds of successful transactions, and many prestigious international awards. During more than a decade of our existence, we confirmed that we can help our clients in all issues relating to the use of commercial real estate. Whether you’re looking for premises for industrial production, offices, warehouses or land, or you want to invest, in 108 AGENCY we’ll advise you on the basis of expert knowledge and many years‘ experience. Moreover, the close collaboration between our departments enables us to resolve clients‘ requests truly comprehensively.

Service portfolio

For owners

Setting a suitable rental strategy is key for effectively negotiating the use of commercial space and maximising revenue over time. We approach every case individually, based on the current market situation which is continuously evaluated by our analytical team, thanks to which we are able to objectively advise you, and evaluate negotiation possibilities and limits.

Arranging the leasing of vacant space in a building is our most common form of collaboration with a property owner. We’ll familiarise you with the market situation, present interested parties‘ inquiries, and then take on the role of mediator with the aim of achieving optimal lease terms.

The sale of commercial real estate requires a detailed overview of the market, a realistic valuation, and an expert appraisal of the possible demand. We’ll guide you through the entire process so as to maximise your return and minimise risk.

For tenants

We’ll familiarise you with the current market situation, and compile an overview of the most suitable premises. We always strive to fulfil your instructions as much as possible, while at the same time presenting enough offers for an objective assessment and comparison. On this basis, we‘ll then jointly select preferred projects for individual negotiations.

With expert knowledge, we’ll take on the role of mediator between the contracting parties in the search for the optimal setting of the lease relationship terms. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can lead both parties to a mutual agreement.

Our service portfolio also includes a comprehensive form of “turnkey“ collaboration, whereby we take full responsibility for the negotiation of lease terms on your behalf. Our remuneration is then based on the achieved savings.

In many cases, subleasing already leased premises is an advantageous way to optimise operating costs. That’s why its mediation is a sought-after form of collaboration. We’ll help you set lease terms, and of course find a suitable user for the premises.

Information is the basis for making the right decision. We’ll help you with this, thanks to a market overview, experience and many years of data collection. Whether it’s a consultation, study preparation or site evaluation, we’ll responsibly prepare all the necessary materials for you.