A total of 21,000 sq m of office space was completed in Prague during the third quarter of 2020, whereby the total volume of modern offices grew to 3.73 million sq m. There is currently roughly 128,600 sq m of modern office space under construction, of which 26,200 sq m is planned to be completed in the year 2020.

Class A buildings comprise most (71%) of the modern office space on offer, whereby of the total volume of office space the proportion of the highest-quality premises, rated AAA, is just under 18%. Of the total space on offer, the proportion of vacant office space was 7.2% in the third quarter. The total volume of vacant offices reached 267,300 sq m. The largest volume of available offices was in Prague 5, with 59,300 sq m, which represents a vacancy rate of 9.1%, followed by Prague 4 with 58,500 sq m and a vacancy rate of 6.1%. The lowest number of vacant offices was in Prague 2, with 5,100 sq m (vacancy rate of 3.7%) and Prague 3, with 6,700 sq m (5.5%).