IGS | 623 sq m


Korean developer IGS, or its Czech branch, Alchemy Gaming, focused on the highly popular "gaming" sector, specifically the development and the consultancy within the gaming industry has recently leased 623 square meters in Trimaran project, the company enters the European market, as it has still managed its operations from the Korean headquarters. As mentioned by Ondřej Straširybka, Office Consultant, 108 AGENCY, that mediated the transaction in cooperation with CzechInvest: "The gaming industry and its associated development and consultations are currently a very dynamic segment, companies are expanding extensively and can afford to be accommodated in state-of-the-art administrative projects that provide adequate technical equipment and, last but not least, increase brand attractiveness in the eyes of potential employees. And this is a very valuable aspect of the extremely low unemployment rate." The total project of Trimaran, built together as the neighboring Element building by the Austrian company S + B Gruppe, will provide 18,230 square meters of commercial space.