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Dušan Hříbal

Dušan Hříbal

Dušan Hříbal

Director | The Prostor

Dušan leads the business project THE PROSTOR. Under the banner of 108 AGENCY he cooperates with clients who are interested in short-term rental of commercial spaces for pop-ups. Prior to joining 108, Dušan primarily worked on his own business concepts centered around branding, innovation, and marketing, and gained extensive knowledge of companies on the commercial real estate market. Dušan is a graduate of the Business Administration and Corporate Finance study program at the University of Finance and Administration.

When he isn’t working for 108, Dušan enjoys playing football or doing graphic design.

Which of your personality traits helps you most in your work? Which one is a weakness?

My creativity helps me the most, but at the same time it’s my biggest weakness.