The second quarter of 2022 follows the good results of the first quarter, but there are the first signs of a future cooling of the market. Every month of increasing inflation is also reflected in the prices of hard-to-find construction materials. Combined with high-interest rates, we expect a slowdown in the construction of industrial parks at the end of the year. Other negative factors include rising fuel and energy prices and decreasing household consumption. All these factors will result in many companies changing their strategies or even going out of business. Large multinational companies will not be affected by this problem, but how much impact this situation will have on small and medium-sized enterprises is still a question.

 • The total area of ​​modern industrial and logistics premises of class “A” in Slovakia reached more than 3,459,000 sq m in the second quarter of 2022.

• Total leasing activity in Slovakia in the 2nd quarter of 2022 reached more than 214,000 sq m, while net take-up was 148,000 sq m. Most new leases were signed by manufacturing companies, closely followed by logistics and e-commerce/retail companies.

• There is 304,976 sq m under construction, of which 47% is in the Bratislava region, but the demand from tenants for vacant premises is still higher than the supply. The vacancy has steadily declined from 6.34% in Q1/22 to 5.70% in Q2/22. Speculative development projects in Slovakia are on the decline and are being replaced by pre-signed projects with clients.

• The largest new transaction was the lease of the production company SAMSUNG Electronics Slovakia in the premises of Mountpark Sereď with a total leased area of ​​more than 18,500 square meters.

• Prime yield is 5.25%.