108 AGENCY has supported the construction of the 1st Surface Wave facility in the Czech Republic

We are very happy that the project of a representative base of the first surf wave in Brandýs nad Labem will be realized. The construction was financially supported by 108 AGENCY.

The wave is part of the artificial slalom channel in Brandýs nad Labem, which was built in the outlet of a former mill directly under the castle. The wave-forming hurdle is located right at the beginning of the channel just below the bridge connecting Brandýs nad Labem and Stará Boleslav.
After long and complicated negotiations with the authorities, Czech surfing enthusiasts finally managed to get all the necessary permits to build the facilities. The core of the building will consist of 2 cargo containers of 20 feet in length, covered with wood and polycarbonate. On the roof there will be a walk-in terrace and a pleasant seating area and relaxation area. Thanks to the new facilities, the offer of new surfboards, paddleboards and boats will be expanded. There will also be a cloakroom and a club refreshment. Because the whole project originated with the help of surfers and boaters, a little at the expense of their families and labor, the 108 AGENCY could not stay out of the game and the project was financially supported.