„We always offer our clients and partners tailor-made services according to their specific needs. Finding the ideal solution for their requirements is what we enjoy about our work."

The industrial department team:

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Our industrial property department has realized transactions with a total area of 869.975 m2 for 523 clients to date.

We have specialized in the segment of industrial property ever since 108 AGENCY entered the market. Our consultancy services as well as other services are of high standards thanks to our experience from international companies combined with knowledge of the local market. Together with our extensive experience and the negotiating skills of our team, this allows us to be leaders in the field of industrial properties.

Are you looking for premises?We focus on logistics and industrial parks, production and storage compounds and distribution centres. We can advise you during your search for existing industrial compounds as well as in the tailor-made construction of premises, for rent or ownership, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We have an extensive database of land for construction, and not only in industrial zones. If you already own land and you are preparing to begin building on it, then we can assist you with issuing a tender and selecting the most suitable supplier.

Are you looking for a tenant or an investor?

We can assist property owners with a rent strategy or with sales on a business, contractual or marketing level. We will purposefully search for a suitable tenant or buyer for your project, and in case of interest we will represent you in all the negotiations. Last but not least, we can offer you property management, including all additional services.

In the area of representation, we provide the following services:

Tenant representation:

  • Finding the optimal location according to your specifications
  • Creating a competitive environment
  • Negotiating rent conditions and consultancy services during the conclusion of rent contracts
  • Acquisition and sale of land
  • Tailor-made construction, financing
  • Acquisition and sale of buildings
  • Financing of properties / sale and leaseback
  • Market research
  • Legal services

Owner representation:

  • Searching for and securing tenants for your vacant premises
  • Negotiating rent conditions
  • Acquisition of land
  • Rent strategy
  • Investment sales and acquisitions
  • Consultancy services during the planning of development projects
  • Market research
  • Marketing support
  • Property estimates
  • Legal services > >