About us

We are a real estate-consultancy firm with an exclusive focus on commercial property. We have a strong background in our team of experienced professionals who enjoy their work and are always motivated. We provide comprehensive services to tenants and property owners in the area of commercial property in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

108 AGENCY was founded by Mr. Jakub Holec, its current executive and owner, in the second half of 2009. As a Czech agency without a foreign owner, we are independent and flexible. We specialize in the rent, sale and management of commercial property, we provide marketing for development projects, investment advice as well as consultancy and analysis. We have a strong understanding of the field and, unlike foreign companies, we are dedicated to both new and older projects. We cooperate with other agencies in the market and pride ourselves on a personal but also professional approach to our clients as well as good relationships with the landlords.

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